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To the world’s best big brother

This one is dedicated to my oldest child, you never fail to amaze me and I’m left speechless. You are truly mature beyond your age and I’m the proudest mama alive. I never expected you to take care of your siblings the way you do. Today you took your Jay to use the potty all by yourself. It was so good you caught a success because those are the best and I’m super happy it made you feel so proud of yourself. You should be so proud of yourself because I am so proud of you. This was the first time ever you taken Jay to use the washroom and I never expected you to but you been keeping track of when his last pee was and thought to yourself it is about time he goes.

Seriously how does a 6 year old keep track of his little brother’s toilet schedule?

I know your brother’s autism affects you more than I can imagine and I’m worried about that all the time. You actually told your friend’s mom that you are so tired because Jay wakes you up at night. This was news to me as I always assumed you slept through it. I’m unsure if you said that because you wanted to sleep over at their house or maybe you do get waken up by his cries and screams. We had a talk and you are instructed to tell us every time you get waken up by Jay. I’ll now have to collect some data to see how often and what we can do to change things up. Mommy is incredibly sorry. It is heartbreaking for me to realize that you are waken up by Jay and that you are tired the next day. Having an autism brother is not easy at all. I know all the scarifies you have to make and I’m sorry for it. That’s what makes you so special. Despite all your hardship, you still love your siblings unconditionally. You have no idea how proud I am of you. I don’t think words does it justice at all. Mommy loves you to the moon and back and moon and back. It is impossible for you to love me more than you.

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