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Toilet Training Day 1

JB’s behaviour therapy team thinks that we should try out this aggressive toilet training method. I took a look at it and although it seems very intense, I figured we’ll give it a try. They charged me more for a at home service and the therapist came in today for two and an half hour. She started at level one and after she left I tried very hard to stick to it. In fact I did till dinner time where I was more relaxed with it as it was impossible to have him eat for 5 minutes at a time. So the idea is 10 minutes on the toilet and 5 minutes off. I know that’s crazy and trust me when the timer went off I thought ummm. I just pulled him off the toilet.

At one point he was getting angry and grumpy so we gave him a bit of a break. We then modified the time to 15 off 10 on.

You can read more on the plan under staying organized and tips.

Progress for the day: Started at 9 am and ended at 8:15pm where I was just exhausted. We got one semi successful session and 5 accidents. I say semi because he was getting angry so we used iPad as reinforcer. Training a boy is harder considering his pee went wild and instead of toilet it went right onto the iPad. I know, that was disgusting and I made sure we sanitized everything twice.

We have attempted to toilet train in the past but he didn’t seem to understand at that point and we stopped. I think consistency is the key to any training so as hard as it is, we”ll will trek through I think. He is still up right now and crying his eyes out. It’s must be so much harder on him and it breaks my heart seeing him struggle.

Well today is a wrap and tomorrow is a new day. Hopefully we will get better luck tomorrow. One day at a time is the moto.

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