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Toilet Training Day 2

Boy toilet training is hard. It is even harder when you have a routine that is so intense. Toilet training Mase was much more relaxed but likely because he was the only child when we trained and now I got 3 kids.

Today was much better we managed to get 4 successes on the toilet and one of them is a bowel movement. The little things in life that gets you excited as an autism mom is funny. Not sure if there is a correlation but last two nights been bad nights in the sleeping category. WELL sleeping is always a struggle, but not sure if it is in my head or not, I feel he is crying extra hard these two nights. I get it, if I’m exhausted training him, I can’t imagine his exhaustion. He must be thinking, women that is enough you are torturing me.

I think he is starting to understand the concept. We have started toilet training previously before the diagnosis but it was unsuccessful. However this time around, he was watching his pee as he was doing his business on the toilet. He seems aware with the bowel movement too, which I think are all good signs that he is indeed ready for this.

I find it hard for my butt sitting on the toilet for 10 minutes let alone again and again all day long. I asked the hubby, why are we doing this, we are torturing the poor baby? Is it really for him or for us? He reminded me that it is for all of us. I’m sorry baby boy, I know this is hard for you but I have faith that you will understand this very soon and be off the diapers. As a women, I know how annoying it is with a pad when you have your period and I would only think it is the same for you. Daddy is right, it is for all of us. We can do it, we can trek through this one day at a time. I know you will get this.

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