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Toilet Training Day 3

Woke up super early today and started training right away. Yesterday was an amazing day with 4 successes. Today was a different story. Only 2 successes today with 5 accidents. We had our senior behaviour therapy support come in today to help. I read her notes and she wrote parents are taking JB to washroom consistently without IT’s (instructional therapist) help. I guess the other two IT from Tuesday and Wednesday reported that we are taking him. I thought to myself, why are we doing so much work when we paid extra for them to come into our home to do this.

I spoke to her about modifying the program as I felt it is too intense. She listened to our reasoning and what we have been doing. She agreed to modify it. So the plan was when he has a success, he moves up to next level but if time has lapse more than an hour since last pee (accident or pee in toilet) we move back to more frequent washroom breaks. At the one and half hour point, it is back to 5 minutes on and 5 minutes off. That way we increase the chance of catching a success.

I think what contributed to so many accidents today was the fact that this therapist got him to drink much more water than us and the previous two ITs. I noticed it as she gave him water and even commented on it. I said if it was me, he would of pushed the bottle away. More water consumption means more pee. We didn’t factor this into our modification of the program, hence more accidents today.

In addition, today was shorten as we had an appointment and I took him out for a lunch date. The lunch date was amazing. It was just him and I, and it was just perfect. He was behaving so well with a minor hiccup towards the end.I had to offer him my phone to distract him the last 5 minutes of lunch and boy that wasn’t a smart decision. I guess you live and learn and hope to not make the same mistake again. He was laughing hilariously at the game he was playing and was having a bit too much fun. He spat out noodles as he was laughing too hard. It was so delightful watching him giggle and be happy. He shared the moment with me by holding my arms and leaning on me. I loved every bit of it. It was so nice not having to care for baby girl and I actually managed to enjoy my lunch.

He got angry I took my phone away and threw a fit. It was okay, I offered my phone to distract him as I paid and guide him out of the restaurant. Gave him his notice that I will be taking phone away in 5 minutes and reminded him again and again as time decreased. By time I buckled him in, I took it away and he cried. It was not bad, our appointment was close by and singing distracted him.

Appointment took longer than anticipated, and I was anxious as baby girl needed a feeding. Got home and discovered she was napping. JB feel asleep on way back and got an excellent nap today. After nap was back to intense toilet training. Called it a day a tad earlier as he deserved a break. Same thing for sleeping tonight, cried and cried and cried some more. You would figure that I would be used to hearing him cry, but the truth is I will never get use to him crying. I hate it. Hate it with a passion. I just want him to go to bed without crying.

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