Turning point? Best night ever!

I couldn’t get him to nap yesterday so it means an early night which is good because it frees up our night. Typically we fall asleep with him when he sleeps and that’s the night. Since he slept so early we took advantage of that time and caught up on paperwork. How exciting is that? I’m laughing as I’m writing this because on our seldom free night together we did work. As sad as it sounds, it was good.

I fully anticipated JB to get up at 3am since he slept so early but the little bugger had the best night of sleep in a long while. Almost 12 hours was just what he needed to catch up. Well let’s be honest, I’m not entirely sure he will ever catch up but getting a good sleep once in a while will recharge him for a bit. One of the hardest thing is watching him cry for hours as he is up in the middle of the night. You really want to help but you are just too exhausted night after night. Sleep deprivation is real and it sucks. Sleep is everything for a toddler because if he isn’t well rested it affects his whole day. Its just a vicious restless cycle and everything tumbles from the lack of rest. I’ve had to cancel 2 weeks of BT already. The one week I decided to bring him, he puked all over and it lasted a good 15 minutes before getting called to pick him up.  Thankfully they didn’t charge us for the session.

Back to my high, the best night of sleep for him are the best days for me. Of course there could be many factors where today might not be good even if he had the best rest but I’m anticipating a good day for him and that makes me very happy. When he is well rested, he can have the potential to learn to his fullest without being grumpy due to exhaustion. We’ll see, I’ll keep my fingers and toes crossed.

I met with his SLP from school today and we are doing a modified pecks program at home to help him with his communication. It is really a laminated board with all the highly motivated food and toys he likes and we are going to work on pointing and saying it out loud for him to learn. I think this will be good and the SLP will be sharing a short video on how this is helpful for children with autism. I’ll share this with you guys when I get the link. I’m on a high today so I’m off thinking this will be fantastic and he will pick it up and understand this in no time.

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