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We did it again, not so smart

You know when you make a mistake and vow to never make it again? Well, it turns out you forget and you make the same mistakes again and again. Rule number one with JB if he is angry we learned to always try water first, followed by snacks in case he is hungry and then toys. The rule stands if we have no idea why he is angry and upset. We took the fam jam out to quickly buy one thing and eat some ice cream at McDonalds. All was well when we got there and the one thing became 20 things.

Hubby wanted to buy J corn nuts since he likes it and occupational therapist says it helps with his sensory needs so he took the boys to get that while I was in the next isle getting hot sauce. I hear J whine and making lots of unhappy noise and thought oh boy he probably sees the chips. I quickly return to meet them and said maybe he saw the chips in the centre isle up ahead and how we should do a detour to avoid it. Hubby said no need, he just wants the corn nuts. We normally would open snacks in the store but the nuts is an item you weight. How can we pay for it after he consumes it all? We end up getting the chips to hopefully calm him and he happily ate it.

We made it down to back of the store which is the reason why we came here to begin with and JB was not having it. It wasn’t a meltdown yet but from the way things were going it will be one very soon. We hid the corn nuts in the diaper bag and he kept pointing to it. We then hid the corn nuts elsewhere and showed him the bag so he can see for himself. He was still not happy and crying for something. As we proceed to make our way to cash a light bulb popped up in hubby’s mind, maybe he wants the water in the diaper bag. It was, he chugged down half a bottle.

As he was chugging the water as if he is so water deprived, I see the guilt in hubby’s eyes. The poor boy just wanted a basic necessity of life…water. This was not the first incident where he wanted water and we didn’t realized it. He was just thirsty and we masked his needs with chips thinking it will make him happy. It’s been a while where we didn’t try water first but I’m sad to say we made the same mistake again. The guilt of not providing something so simple, such as water along with the stupidity of making the same mistake made me feel like I am failing him. All in all it was a matter of 10 minutes max but despite the time the guilt is there. When you watch your child chug down water as if he hasn’t drank for days, your heart is broken. As he was drinking, I hugged him and apologize, vowing to never make that same mistake again.

You live and learn again and again.

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