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When the older one acts up, he reveals sadness

The big one was acting out the other day and I stood my grounds and sent him to his room so he can calm down. Clearly it wasn’t enough calm down time but I went in anyways to chat. He goes off saying it’s the end of the world and how he’s right. He then says how I think he is useless. Woah, that wasn’t the first time he said it and I got the drill how he’s guilting me but then he goes off saying how I’m always spending time with his baby sister or Jay. There’s clearly some jealousy there and I’m not sure why he would think I think he is useless. He’s my everything and useless is not a word I would ever use to describe this child of mine. I was hurt with his thought. I tried to explained to him he is not useless. I even pulled up my blog and showed him how proud I am of him. When your children outnumber you, someone will feel left out. Maybe he’s over dramatic or maybe I have to step it up. We haven’t been doing Mason days lately because I signed him up for soccer and basketball sessions the time we normally do it. I cancelled those two activities so we can start Mason day again. We will also try putting sister to bed earlier that way I’m free to tuck him in bed and can spend more time asking him how his day went. There’s probably a bit of both in the mix with his over dramatic attitude and him feeling left out. Mommy promise that she will try even harder and wipe out any crazy thought you have of feeling useless. You are the most useful big brother and son I can ever ask for and I love you more than you words can say. Tomorrow will be a new day and I’ll love you even more each and everyday. My big boy, I wish you can see yourself through my eyes, then you will truly understand I will never think you as useless.

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